Thursday, 20 January 2011

I'm not Sure... Think I need your HELP!!!!!

You know I said I played with the wings in my art journal well this is what I have so far (without any tweaking) I'm not sure if I have put them in the wrong place for how I have place the head of my fairy... I am proberly worrying over nothing cause anything goes right, but I keep looking at it and asking myself 'Do it look wrong????' I now feel I don't want to tweak incase make a mess of it completely... Is this a normal feeling when you start art journalling??

I would love to hear what you think and any advice you could give me would be fab... I kinda don't want to blow it with it being at the begining of my journey in to Art Journalling I don't want to be put off trying...
Hope you can help me out of this little muddle I have....


  1. I think the size and placement of the wing is fine (although to me she looks more angel than fairy)

    but I think the wing could benefit from a more defined outline, like your fairy's head has, to differentiate it from the background, and maybe a little bit of shading just to the right of her hair and her shoulder to bring her forward of the wing so you can see it is behind her.

    I hope that makes sense.

    Fab painting btw, I wish I could do faces like that

  2. She looks more like an angel than a fairy to me as well, but the I think of pixie like features when I think of fairies.

    I;d agree with Sarah about the shoulder. It looks like her wing is in front of her shoulder at the moment, bring her hair down would change that though.

    Cracking page mind!

  3. Great work, I agree that it needs a little definition :)

  4. Well I'll hold my hand up, I don't really understand "art journals" as such .. all I know is how much I love your work - personally, I think the journal should be what you want and love - so if you like it (and I would, if I were you) ... go for it, I say :)