Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Pleased to Say!!

Well I am pleased to say that my little girlie has gone back to school today, she is feeling much better now and for some reason was happy about going back today....

The school photo's are being retaken today which is another good thing that she went back today, finger's X they are as good as the last ones but without the tango-ness...

Well off to finish some house stuff (swear, curse, spit) so I can play with my stash later would much rather be playing with it now and say pant's to the house stuff but it need's to be done as no-one else will do it...

Tuesday, 24 November 2009

It's a Lazy One!!!

I am feeling so LAZY today, really can't find the energy to get going... I think my lack of sleep is now catching up with me, so maybe today I shall just CHILL and potter about if I need to.. Can't seem to drag my self away from the laptop so might just stay here he he he.....

Hope you're having a good day?

Monday, 23 November 2009

I Did A LO!!

Thought I'd share the LO I did on my day off (Saturday). I had a ball, did feel a little quilty leaving my little lady when she has not been well, but daddy did an ok job.

PRIMA is just so YUMMY!!!
Thank's Steph and Marie had a giggle....

Saturday, 21 November 2009

My Day Off!!!

I am getting a day off, I so laugh about my day off when crop day come's round...

My little lady is feeling much better in herself so Daddy is in charge today his turn to be Florence, and incharge of the DVD's well I say DVD's there has only been one to watch since we came home and that is 'Hannah Montana the movie' (yesterday it was on 4 times), I will be expert... So glad she is feeling better now finger's x we get to reduce the multi dosing somemore on Monday when we go back to the Dr's. YEAH my girlie is getting better......

Yeah it's crop day..... and I think weeee bit of me time needed....

Alison has lot's of thing's planed for crop today, make and take's and Steph from Indigo Mill is bring the Web Shop, so looking forward to that as I have seen some paper's that are just so yummy... Plus demo's, let's hope I actually do some scrapping and not just spending and chatting lol oh and eating CAKE!!!!.

Friday, 20 November 2009

School Photo's Back

I was given Lauren and Mason's school photo's this morning. I'm not over happy with the quality of them, my babe's look ORANGE (like the Tango ad) and the white background let's just say is more of a grey smugy colour but only on some of the smaller print's..
School has complained as most of the parent's were also not happy, and it look's like a re-sit might be on the cards but they are still looking into what will be happening and if they are going to find someone else to do another sitting. Hopefully something will be sorted soon you know how these pic's make lovley gift's at Christmas...

Thursday, 19 November 2009

Just about There...

My little lady is feeling much better in herself but we are still having to take thing's easy... we now have antibiotic's to add to the many other meds so fingers x this will help thing's along for her...

These are a few pic's of my make's with the November Kit from Indigo Mill. I had fun using this kit hope you like my take on it... (sorry pic's are not the best)

Tuesday, 17 November 2009

It's Been a While

It's good to be back, so where do I start as it's been a while.

Well I have been lost from the land of Blogging and Surfing due to having problems with our internet conection, it's just not been happening. With our providers messing us about to get it sorted.
Hubby nearly reached boiling point on one of the many conversation's he had with them, everthing just seemed to take forever, and having to explain everything to each person he spoke to just went on and on. But eventually we are back and connected.

Not having the internet has been a real pain because this month it's my time to be creative with this month's kit from Indigo Mill, I had fun but couldn't get my work out there for you's all to see... Steph has took pic's for me, when we got together at a local crop, so hopefully I can get them out there soon.

Friday the 13th was not a good one for me, (it don't normally bother me though, I just don't think about it really) but I had to take my little girlie into hospital with an asthma attack, we had to stay in all weekend only got home last night, we are both completely shattered so it's a few easy day's for us me think's.
She so scared me Friday to see her so poorly but it's good to be home.

Hopefully be back with some creative thing's soon and pic's but must catch up on this sleep thing that I have had lack of and look after my little girlie.