Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Pleased to Say!!

Well I am pleased to say that my little girlie has gone back to school today, she is feeling much better now and for some reason was happy about going back today....

The school photo's are being retaken today which is another good thing that she went back today, finger's X they are as good as the last ones but without the tango-ness...

Well off to finish some house stuff (swear, curse, spit) so I can play with my stash later would much rather be playing with it now and say pant's to the house stuff but it need's to be done as no-one else will do it...


  1. Glad to hear your daughter is well enough to return to school. Hope the pics went well.

  2. Nope I need one of those house fairies I keep hearing about - more time to play then eh? ;)

  3. glad to see your daughter is gettin better, i have 3 poorly babies at the minute so not much fun!