Saturday, 21 November 2009

My Day Off!!!

I am getting a day off, I so laugh about my day off when crop day come's round...

My little lady is feeling much better in herself so Daddy is in charge today his turn to be Florence, and incharge of the DVD's well I say DVD's there has only been one to watch since we came home and that is 'Hannah Montana the movie' (yesterday it was on 4 times), I will be expert... So glad she is feeling better now finger's x we get to reduce the multi dosing somemore on Monday when we go back to the Dr's. YEAH my girlie is getting better......

Yeah it's crop day..... and I think weeee bit of me time needed....

Alison has lot's of thing's planed for crop today, make and take's and Steph from Indigo Mill is bring the Web Shop, so looking forward to that as I have seen some paper's that are just so yummy... Plus demo's, let's hope I actually do some scrapping and not just spending and chatting lol oh and eating CAKE!!!!.


  1. So glad to hear little 'un is feeling better and you brought back memories of having to watch videos time and time again with my son... I soon figured it was a good idea to get him his on video player!!
    Have a good day at your crop... you deserve the 'me' time.

  2. Glad to hear little one is on the mend - enjoy your me time!