Friday, 21 January 2011

Fairy Update

I would like to say thanks for your comment's on my last post, I had thought I needed to tweak but just hearing your ideas gave me the confidence to try and put right Thank You!!...

I think adding the shoulder was defiantly needed to put the wing in the background so to speak, I'm not sure I am truly happy with how she has turned out but that's just me, I am always questioning my stuff, and I haven't played like this with paints for quite some time (quite scary to even think about it really) I am pleased that I have tried and at the end of the day that is what I am doing, trying!!! (some might say I am very trying lol)...

I am also really pleased that I am keeping up with this challenge and enjoying this experience... I really struggle to put down any journalling so this is really making me think, I will probably be adding to Question 3 there is still space in that corner that is calling me to scribble on...


  1. Looking great, adding the shoulder and definition has really helped

  2. Something that takes your out of your comfort zone can't be bad ... it's looking amazing

  3. wow adding the should in and the wings like that has made an enormous difference. well done for *taking a risk* outside the comfort zone...its all too easy to get stuck there, huh?