Thursday, 2 February 2012

The things I do!!!!

With my little lady off school at the beginning of the week and me not feeling the best laryngitis (more antibiotic) we decided to get one of her Christmas presents out and work on it together, well I say together I knitted, Lolly stuffed and stitched (with assistance)... The knitting kit had the pattern for the larger dog but there was plenty of yarn left over so I knitted up a smaller one... So this is 'Lucky' and her puppy, don't think puppy has a name yet though probably just pup at the mo!!

I feel slightly chuffed as I don't call myself a knitter and was really unsure if I could help Lolly to do this, but I am really please with myself and how 'Lucky' turned out and more so that Lolly is pleased too!!!!

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