Friday, 3 February 2012

Art Journal... It's your life.....

Uks has a journaling prompt this week.... My head spins at this thought but I have been sitting at my craft table this morning thinking about words and using magazines to find these words... and have come up with this... (I have just realised that I need to add a word to this and that word is TOO!!!!!!)

It should read "It's Your Life Too Live It".....

The only thing now is to believe it and live my life.... being a stay at home mum and a wife I have slipped into a blur and have lost a little of me and who I am... I now have to find the happy medium and start to live my life as well without feeling selfish for doing so....


  1. Glad you have found a good balance...and a beautiful page, love the colours.

  2. It's a beautiful page and I think it's ok without the too!

  3. A really lovely page and great blend of colours.

  4. Fantastic Journal page, love the colours.
    C xx