Sunday, 19 July 2009

Yesterday's News.

I was at Alison's Crop yesterday where I did a little make and take demo of a ATC holder, think it went well and the girl's had fun....

Also at Alison's crop were the Girl's from Indigo Mill with their lovely scrummy stash shop, I was quite good on the stash buying but a few thing's were just a must have, there were still lot's of very lovely things I would have loved too, but it's the budget thing that get's me everytime. Cheer's girl's it was good to see you again, oh and Steph I'll work on that e-mail (lol).....

Hope everyone is having a good weekend I'm still in the mood for scrapping from yesterday with a few idea's spinning around... Who know's what will happen today we will have to wait and see how it all go's....


  1. that's a lovely little minibook. sounds like you had fun at the crop.

  2. I love the ATC's I'm accumulating but not sure how to store them. They're just in a box at the mo. That mini book is gorgeous. A great idea - I'll have to think about having a go at one.