Friday, 31 July 2009

Advice Please.....

I have been asked to make some mini albums like the Bella Cork and the Shuffle Albums, which is good thing, but I don't know what to charge people for them. I find it so hard to judge what I should charge for thing's. I don't want to charge to much that I am never asked again or to under price that I'm out of pocket and I scrap on a budget as it is... So I could really do with your advice.... Hope you can help....


  1. Congratulations on being asked to make something - it's a huge compliment!

    Charging is a really difficult issue. It's not something I've ever had to decide on myself. The problem is that non-scrappers are going to put a different value on your product than a scrapper is. So often, people don't realise the cost of materials (and tools), and the amount of time that it takes to put something together. If you are going to make a small profit, or at least cover your costs, it can actually work out quite expensive if you sit down and take everything into account. Your time is probably the most expensive thing - even you work it out on the minimum wage.

    I suppose it depends on whether you want to cover your costs of the materials, whether you want to charge for your time, and whether you want to make a small profit. Depends who you are making it for, really.

    Gosh, that was a very long winded way of saying "I don't know" !!!!

  2. I would say, first work out the material costs. Then you know your absolute minimum. It is very difficult to cost your time into a craft project..... Also depends on whether you are making it for friends or on a "business" footing. Maybe make one and see if eyebrows are raised at whatever price you arrive at - then casually mention how much of your time it took to make. People don't realise what is involved.

  3. I've done a few albums for people and it's always hard to know what to charge. I tend to work out what it will take, right down to the last detail. What would it cost to buy everything (except tools) to complete the project....don't forget adhesive in that. If you are printing photo's that will raise the cost dramatically, if people supply photo's for you to use that can keep costs down for them. It's up to you then what, if anything you want to charge for your time. I did a 7G handbag album for someone. It took me hours and hours to do, so I added £25.00 for my time.

    Is that any all?

  4. I agree with wendy and biskit, on the whole, but how much pleasure will you get from it? If lots, then give friends a large discount on what you charge for time ...but make sure they know lol. If you feel it could be a chore, then charge loads in the hope they stop asking. You may use scraps on the books but tally them all up ...if you didn't have scraps you would need to buy some 6x6's. I think it is so hard to decide what to charge but, if it is not a business,I would add 20% above the total material cost of making it. This way you get a little 'pin money'. If you are making it a business ...set the prices now and keep a record of all the time spent. Think of what the minimum wage is and also what designers get .... If a book took 4 hours and you charged £20 + materials ... you would be working for less than the minimum wage ... mmmm ...worth a thought. sorry this is so long xx