Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Chit Chat and Pic's

I know been away for what seem's like forever but since getting back from our hol's it has been really hectic here. What with family illnesses and hospital visits, infant school activities and the tennis I just haven't had the chance to do a catch up.... SORRY....

I have however managed to catch up with my cj's that have been here and made a mini book today to try and get back in the swing of thing's agian, it's empty at the mo so might use this for my little man's birthday party which is happening this weekend....

Here's the mini book that I made today..

Just a few holiday snap's.....

Beach fun..

The 'Gang'...

Just before I went 'Parasailing'

We went 500ft above the Mediterranean Sea (I have the certificate)..


  1. Lovely mini book. Holiday photos are wonderful too. Hope you are still rested and refreshed!!

  2. OOOh I like the way the minibook folds into its self! Looks like those holiday snaps are going to keep you in scrapping for a while ;)

  3. That para-wotsit stuff looks fun! Definitely a scrappable experience!

  4. How brave of you to do the paragliding trip... not sure I would have been! Love your mini book and it looks perfect for a boys birthday!