Monday, 13 July 2009

As Requested.... (It's a bit of a long one)

I have had some comment's asking how to make this mini book, so here it is.....

I have left measurement's out, apart from where needed then that way you can make to the size you want...

You will need:

Chip board
Patterned papper
Wet Glue + Glue brush
Double Sided Sticky Tape
Bone folder
Crop-a-dile/hole punch
Sissors/Craft Knife and a Trimmer
Brad's .

Attach Cardstock spine and PP using the wet glue, I have allowed 1 1/4" for the spine

Once the paper's are attached to the front cover I rounded the corner's (using a coin for a guide as I don't have the really nice corner rounder YET!!!!!)...

Attach the closure strip before attaching the inside cover using brads (I pre punched the holes with my Crop-a-dile to allow a little movement in the strap so the closing strap fit's through easier).

I used my bone folder to curve the strap to help when it comes to closing the book.

Attach the strap before attaching the inside cover.

Apply wet glue all over the inside including the spine area, then attach the inside cover pressing firmly into the spine area with a bone folder, also smooth out any air bubble with the bone folder.

For the spine of the book's inside I have scored at 1/2" interval's (this is 3" wide).

I use tape to attach my pages sticking only the one's shown.

On the reverse of the spine I then used another strip of tape to hold together. Like so.

Then using tape again to attach the books inside the cover lining up with the spine.

There you have a mini book....

Hope this makes sence if you have any questions please give me a shout and I'll get back to you.....

Thank's for popping by.....


  1. Great, straight forward instructions ... Must have a go.

  2. Brilliant Michelle, thanks for that. Well photo'd too.

  3. Brilliant instructions. Thank you for posting :)