Sunday, 22 January 2012

Loving it!!!

Oh what fun I am having with my Art Journal (when I get the chance), I am loving it.... so just sharing a couple of backgrounds... Might add some collage/images and then its time for some journalling...

While watching a little tv last night, I just sat with my journal and a pencil and this little doll of a girl appeared on my page... She is just waiting for a little colour now, hopefully will be able to play later and brighten her up a little...


  1. I love those backgrounds - I wish I had the courage to try art journalling - but just think I am too much of a pansy to let myself go lol.

  2. Chell that's really lovely. I really need to get going with mine

  3. Fab backgrounds!I hope we get to see them when they've been collaged!