Friday, 13 January 2012

Art Journal 2012

I proberly shouldn't be playing with the lappy today with it being Friday 13th.... But here goes....

This is my Handmade Leather Bound Art Journal, using the idea from the instructions on uk's... my binding is slightly different but the idea is the same, iykwim......

Sorry the photos are not the best but the lighting not good and photography is something that needs working on lol...... Hope you like though I'm pretty pleased with how it has turned out........


  1. Chell - that is really fab ! Did you go cutting up old coats? lol For a first ever attempt, it is fantastic :)

  2. Chell, that looks brilliant!

  3. Lovely journal, I'm just starting to make my own too.
    C xx

  4. oh that is super...i will have to make one myself now!! :0)