Monday, 10 October 2011


It's Monday morning... and as usual we are up early... so this has given me the chance to get updated..

I went to crop on Saturday with all intentions of working on my Mojo Cj and making a start on my new Whatever Cj... only to find when I got there that I had actually left Mojo Cj at home... so no playing there then.... I then spent a long time coming up with a theme for my new Cj, I think half the morning had gone by then... But I did make a start and this is what have so far....

I have also made a flap page for my welcome message and have the pages cut... so making progress I think...


  1. Progress indeed..I'd have faffed about and done nothing but be a nuisance, so well done yoU!!

  2. Lovely cover, have fun with the rest of it!

  3. wow! looking forward to seeing this in real life )

  4. What Crop did you go to Chell?