Friday, 3 September 2010

Camp out!!

Ok as this is the last weekend of the school hol's, I have been mad enough to say to my lil peep's that we will camp out in the back garden... With my Father-in-law being quite ill and needing me to care for him my lil peep's haven't been able to do much on their summer break... We have managed a few thing's but I have felt because I have been pulled in all direction's that I have let them down a little I know you can't be in two places at once but I still want them to have had an ok time... So a camp out has been planned... Hubby is putting the tent up well fishing bivvey (we don't actually have a tent) I just hope it don't smell to fishy lol..... Ok think I need to sort some thermal's out it is feeling a little chilly.. WISH ME LUCK!!!!


  1. Good luck. Have a great time.

  2. Have fun! And next time, invest in a tent! :)