Thursday, 26 August 2010

Zentangle over load!!!!

I have been a little side tracked over the last couple of day's but here is the sneeky lookie at some ATC's I have ready for a swap.... I am really finding these relaxing to do and I at the mo that's a good thing.... so as you can see there are plenty... and more still happening...

These ones are also up for a swap on UKS....

I was asked to explain the process of how I come up with my doodles and if I had any templates, well I don't actually have a template it's just a basic technique I use as I am still learning, so I have put a little how to together of how I get started.....

This is How I Zentangle.... (hope this makes sense)...

a) I start by placing a dot in each corner of my chosen paper/card...

b) I then just join the dot's how I want to... (you can just free hand draw a base pattern without the dot's but I am still learning my self so what ever you want to do to make a base pattern will work)

c) Then it's doodle time, use any pattern you like to fill in the spaces that you have made by joining the dot's...

d) Hey Ho you have ZENTANGLED!!!!

Well I hope this help's and sorry if I have confused you more, please google this as there is loads of information out there and some fab pieces of work to help get inspiration but at the end of the day it's your own doodle!!!!


  1. lucky swapees :) Thanks for the tutorial

  2. Doodle delight. Great work.

  3. Hey, your Zentys are looking fab. What are you using to colour them in with? I'm still practising mine....not for viewing yet.

  4. Ooh they are really cool- I hadn't a clue how to make one before- after seeing how to 'do' them maybe I shall in the future....

    ...nice and relaxing :)


  5. Thanks for sharing how to do these, I'm going to try that later, yours look fab