Friday, 13 August 2010

Circle Journal's

I kinda want to take part in another journal because I enjoy taking part in them but since my last Circle Journal never made it home to me, I am havin a bit of a moment to wether I join another!

This Cj should have come home in Oct/Nov '09 so it has been a while, do I just take the plunge and have another go??

I guess this is something to think about, mind you this is the 2nd Cj to missing..... heavy thinking!!


  1. I would really have a good think ....someone out there couldn't be bothered to continue the journey ...and that has happened twice ????. If the group are trusted crafting friends, I would try just one more time ....maybe xx

  2. maybe only do it if you really enjoy the doing...that way if it comes home...its a bonus!

    when i used to do them, i photographed each LO i did, that least i could make up a book of the pages i'd created :0)

  3. Chell!! ;sooo love your work!:) thanks for posting picts!ta-he..wish i could look at it live! :) whoo hoo!

    witha grin,