Monday, 27 September 2010

It's Just Not!!!!


I have been so bad at switching the puter on lately, so I haven't been by for a while... I have been trying to get myself into gear and find time to scrap a little, but I don't know where time goes... Since my ickle peeps have been back at school I don't think I have managed to scrap or make a mini album at home, I have Zentangled a bit which is good because I am in an ATC swap and I need to get thing's moving cause the dead line for sending off is closing in on me arrgghhh!!!! no it's ok just have 3 more to make... so nearly there... but anything else well you can just forget it... I proberly shouldn't be sitting down now but I needed a cuppa and just happened to sit by the puter so here I am....

I have had a little wonder around and found some blog candy over at Scrapology and if I have remembered how to link just click and hopefully it will be there ( I am so C**p with puters).... They also have a monthly challenge which is worth a look to...

I just want to get back into the swing of thing's but really finding it hard to do at the mo, One day though I might get organised and pull my finger out along with some stash lol (cause a little stash might help) and I'll get playing again...


  1. HI Chell!! :)

    Ok.. woman!! I SOOO KNOW WHAT YOU MEAN!! LOL.. trying to find TIME TO SCRAP!! YES, I am horrible at time management and with 2 very young active BOYS, a honey that loves us, and a full time job ... there is little time for scrapping! so when do i get it in??? I leave projects "open' on my desk and in the morning before the kiddies wake up.. and late at nite when the kiddies are asleep! and YES, I am tired but I love it! Chell, no worries.. craft when you 'feel it'!! I have to tell you .. i get comments on my videos saying "your rushing..." LOL.. HECK YEAH I AM!! HELLO!! I always reply.. 'YEP, I KNOW.. I HAVE TO!" TA-HEE.. THIS IS just a hobby and I strive to keep it simple and happy.. and thats it! :)
    Steff ;)

  2. You're not on your own, i've hardly scrapped for a few months now. I'm not a "craft" free zone though as when I get chance I art journal does help bring the stash mountain down a little, but not nearly enough!

  3. I must admit, I feel the same way too .... I've been reading blogs, and commenting - but as for actually doing any craft, well that's just seems to have gone. I'm hoping that soon I'll be inspired, I'm sure I will - but for now, I'm happy to see what everyone else is creating.