Monday, 11 January 2010

What I've Been Up 2!!!

Ok as you may have noticed there has been some snow about, and what do you do you play in it so on friday with my little peeps off school again we came up with frostie and the ice cat, not the best pic I know but had to share.... We had a right ball (SNOWBALL) he he...

So what else has been happening well I have managed to get a cj sent off and have been working on a Christmas Swap, I know christmas has gone but thing's got a little behind with all the happening's and my stash had to be stored away for christmas to happen here, so here are a few peek's!!!

Joy hope you will like it???

Well that's pretty much it for my crafting , still have a few ideas milling around so watch this space.
I am starting a little job today well a see if I like it really, I don't know the posh title for the postition but 'Lunch Time Assisstant' or 'Dinnerlady', it's at the local Jounior School which is just round the corner from me so will be pretty handy, and will give me some pocket penny's for some fab new stash YIPPPEEEE!!!!!
Talking of stash Steph at Indigo Mill is havin a bit of a SALE so make sure you go check it out here.... and get some fab bargin's.
That's pretty much it for the mo so, Happy Scrapping and cheer's for popping by.....


  1. That is a beautiful book ... lovely!

  2. Another fantastic mini!!I love it too!

  3. what a beautiful book. And have fun in the new job - more money for stash shopping is always a good idea :)

  4. Gorgeous mini book, just lovely. Good to see your first day went well too.

  5. Hi Chell! :)
    You did a beautiful mini! I do really love it and i just can't wait to see it in person! Yay! Im getting so excited each day! Thank you so so much Chell :)