Wednesday, 6 January 2010


Hi everyone, Happy New Years to you all, hope you all had a great time over the Holiday's.

Well I have Christmas all packed away and have now found my stash which had to go into hiding to make way for everything Christmas, and while doing so I have found a few thing's that need to be finished and lot's of thing's I forgot I had, I guess I need to have a really good sort out before I start to plan anything else. Now my babe's are back in school I can try and make a start...

Has anyone made any New Year Resolution's?

Well I have the norm, MUST Loose Weight one and I'd like to Journal 2010 some how!


  1. I was caught by the comment 'make a journal' somehow. You set me off thinking how it could be done in a way other than just recounting the events of the day.
    * highest point, lowest point
    * a time graph to represent good bits and bad bits
    *a postcard/doodle of the day
    *If I could have changed one bit of today, I would change...
    *one photo taken at one point in the day

    Oooo you have set me off!

  2. I think one of my new years resoultions will be to actually try and do some of the craft ideas that are swimming around in my head. First one should be to actually make a journal of my goals this year ... thank you for the push.