Thursday, 14 May 2009

Not Enough Time In The Day

I'm sorry I haven't been about much as the tiltle say's Not Enough Time In The Day, I have been so busy doing stuff and helping other's I haven't had time for my stuff and boy have I got stuff to do or idea's for stuff to do..... I'm usually a list person but haven't had time for list's so my head is well spinning...

I have a friend who need's my help to make a mini book (and you know how I love to make a mini book:)) so that's tomorrow evening taken up. I also have to get thing's ready for Alison's crop on Saturday and work out some spending pennies cause Indigo Mills will be there with there crafty goodies. I have Birthday card's to make also for next week, Holiday Journals to get done and to top everything still have my house stuff to do.... Busy! Busy! Busy! that's me.....

Sorry no picture to post but hopefully over the weekend I will have some crafty evidence that can be reported...

Have a good weekend. xx


  1. i hope you'll find the time soon to do your crafting, i know what you meen im a list person too, on my list was do lo's using circle stencil, ive done quite a few im realy pleased with. i also wont to do lo's useing ribbons too. hope you have fun crafting soon xx

  2. I find a long list and a deadline really gets me going! Good luck with all that!