Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Crafty Moment

I managed to do some crafting today in between doing some of the house stuff, and I have a layout to show for it.... Also I made a start on the mini book ideas I have spinning about in my head, well one of them :)....

This is one of the ideas I had for a mini book, the pages are semi circle's and of differnt sizes. Not finished decorating the inside but it's coming along...... A work in progress......

Sorry that the picture's are not very clear this is something I need to work on.....


  1. Lovely, can't wait to see the pages!
    L x (primrose)

  2. Lovely LO and good for you - I have loads of ideas in my head..but Ijust talk about them!

  3. love the L/O and the book cover looks fab so far !
    x jayne x