Thursday, 28 April 2011

The Pencil's Have Been Out Again....

I have been a little busy again this week with my little ones going back to school (only for 3 day mind you) and me starting to help more at the infant school, with a collage course looming I have been absolutely everywhere.
I did find time to sit with my pencil's again the other day but with being so busy I just haven't had five minutes to pop by, I give warning that this is not the best photo, I couldn't tell you what happened to her really, well I can it's on the wonk and I have cut half her hair off (bad bad photo sorry).... I will try and take a better one when I've finished last night's little play....
Oh it's very therapeutic all this drawing and colouring, mind you I have always liked colouring....

I might have to find just a journal for my faces as I am getting a little carried away ;-D...


  1. Beautiful looks really theraputic, great colours and shading :)

  2. You've got a real gift for this! I like the shading and the eyes are quite Picasso ish?

  3. She is fab, loving all your faces.