Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Where did that come from????

I don't really know where my creative flo has just come from, but I am loving my pencil and my coloured pencil's..... Just a little bit....

I've been at my dad's today with my little people, no thought of any creativeness but when we got home, my little angel's decided to let's say play up, so armed with a cuppa tea my art journal and my pencil's I went and sat in the sun and tried to chill for a while, to the point that I lost track of time, this is what happened...

and this...

Then I found I couldn't stop so this happened tooooo!!! I think this lady needs finishing a little more but thought I'd let her show her face.....

I'm not sure where to take them now but really pleased with how they have turned out, only thing is I just want to keep drawing and colouring... I think I have found something/ a medium here that I like...

Maybe you could let me know what you think and any ideas of where I could take them from here...

Hope you like (Sorry if Mermaid offends, she might have to put a bikini on)....


  1. You should sit in the sun more often. These are great. I particularly like the mermaid. She looks like fun

  2. You should DEFINITELY do more of this, and I particularly like the last one as the face has a more finished look .... Brilliant!

  3. these are really good! and I bet you really enjoyed working on them out in the sunshine - lovely

  4. wowo these are good!! Looks like you are enjoying the sunshine x

  5. FAB!! I agree you should sit out there more often. I also sat out yesterday but just coloured in some stamps images.

  6. these are LOVELY ! ... the shading on the face is great, & lucky for you that sun is out there again today, just waiting for you to take advantage of it lol :D x

  7. ooh, fun in the sun. Lovely work. If I tried to run off and hide from my two in the garden they'd soon find me and that would be the end of that, so you get a double salute from me for being so creative!

  8. They are fab, really brilliant.