Monday, 7 March 2011

This Weekend.....


It has been one very busy weekend for us decorating Lauren's room as a surprise for her Birthday while she has been away at Brownie camp.... But we did it....

She had the most fab time, but was looking very tired when we picked her up yesterday, so when we got home some how she found some energy to undo cards and pressies still unaware of her bedroom.... I had to ask if she'd give me a hand to take some thing's up because with loads of new thing's it didn't look like she was going to go to her room PANIC!! and I was excited to see her reaction (the big kid in me I guess).. The photo I got is not the best battery got low but the smile is there, she was so pleased she ran out and hugged us.... that brought a tear to my eye...

Some of my makes for Lauren's room....

Heart Ribbon Notice Board

A curtain dangler.....

I really missed my little lady on her birthday but I am so glad she had a lovely time. The Brownies made it a really special for her, singing at meal time's and they had firworks and lit chinese lanterns Saturday evening. Oh and the cupcakes I sent in went down well too!!!

So today is back to normal and load of chores to catch up on.... would be better if the housework fairy would drop by but I fear it's just me.... so I had better get to it I guess...


  1. That's so sweet to decorate her room whilst she was away. I bet she was over the moon. I love the finishing touches you made for the room.

  2. aaaaawww, that' so lovely - her gorgeous little face is just a picture of happiness. I should think she was a pleased with her room, as you were at doing it.

  3. This is all so cute! She must have been so happy!

  4. Awww so sweet. I need to do DD's room & am trying to work out the best time to send her to mym mums for the weekend, so I can do it sneakily. It looks gorgeous btw