Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Something for my little girl, but SShhhhhshhh!!!

This Friday my little lady is going on a pack holiday with her Brownie Pack, but there is something else a little special about this weekend too, it's also Lauren's 8th birthday on the Saturday while she is away... So I have made a couple of thing's for her, a little journal for her to keep a record of all the fun things she'll get up to...

And a little cupcake hanger which is going to double up as a birthday wish, I do have to add the Happy Birthday tag to it but that's still in the making.... I am going to ask L's brown owl to give this to her on Saturday morning...

I also have plans of making a ribbon notice board for L's room, cause while she is away we are decorating her bed room as a surprise, well Lauren has picked the paint but she has no idea about about the new bed linen, curtains etc and that we hope to have it all done while she is away...

I think it is going to be so weird not having L her for her Birthday, and to add to the weirdness this will be her first time away from home on her own, my baby girl is growing up....

I hope she is going to enjoy this time away, just want her to have loads of fun and not miss us to much, my girlie is quite a clingy girl, or maybe it's me and I'm the clingy one.


  1. aawww, they're gorgeous - at least you'll keep yourself busy while she's away. What you want though is a photograph of her face when she first see's her room on her return :) ... how lovely

  2. They're lovely presents and I'm sure she'll have a great time-and an even better one when she sees her room!

  3. Such lovely presents!
    Sue x

  4. Beautiful presents! I wish I could turn my hand to needle craft - I am terrible so thanks for the inspiration!