Friday, 7 August 2009

It's Been a While

Sorry been a little bit of a bad blogger, it's been a week since I last popped by....

Hubby has had a couple of day's off this week so not much time for crafting as we have spent some time out with the ickle peeps, will post a few pic's when I have a little more time....

My second mini album that I'm making is coming along, but due to havin fun with the ickle ones it's taking a little longer hopefully will get it finished this weekend....

Well we should be going on a picnic today but it look's like rain has stopped play, so it will be a good old carpet picnic me think's....

Take care peep's and have fun whatever you are doing today!!!!


  1. What a shame about the weather ...still carpet, especially bedroom carpet picnics can be fun.

  2. Carpet picnics are sooo much fun. The girls are always asking if they can have one.

  3. cant wait to see finished mini book , go have a picnic under a tree in your rain coats if it's raining kids will love it and you get out x