Monday, 1 June 2009

Need To Make Sometime For Crafting.....

I have had a bit of a busy half term with the little peep's and not had time for much in the lines of scrapping, but I have plenty to do and my Holiday Journal is the first thing that needs to get done, so tonight I have decided to make some time for me and get it as far as I can.....

I also have the kiddies journals to do to and make a gift for a wedding so yes I have lot's to do and only two week's to do it all.

Mind you in these two week's I also need to get the suit cases ready and sort all the stuff we need to take on Hoilday, I feel so not organised at the mo and still unsure of what I need to actually take or can take HELP!!!!!!!!.

Wish me luck.....


  1. Good luck with the journal - that's the problem with school holidays... your normal routine jsut goes out the window!

  2. Cor. You'll need a holiday to get ready for the holiday! But don't panic - if you don't get it done, no-one will know!