Monday, 21 February 2011

Monday Morning!!!

Well I woke up this morning feeling like I needed to stay in bed and maybe go back to sleep, I have been feeling a little tired lately, but no I get up and start the refereeing (school breaks have a lot to answer for lol) and think I am having a day of catch up on my Art Journal, I'm having a day off lol, (like that's really going to happen but I know I am going to try crafting at some point today 8)...)

Thanks to Ali's crop on Saturday and Ali for demonstrating a background technique (although cut sort because my little man didn't feel to well) I have found some mojo... and have done 3 background pages in my journal this weekend... Yipppeeee!!! I'm getting there but I have a few weeks to catch up on before I get back on track for my 52 Question I didn't realise I was so behind till this morning. Right I had better go get my prompts ready, get my brain in gear and get on...

Have a good day all and hopefully I'll be back to show my Art Journal efforts 8)....


  1. Glad you got a little bit of inspiration at the crop, keep going!!!

  2. i don't know who was more ready for half term, me or the kids. we intend to have at least one pyjama day so i fully support your aim of acheiving F.A for a while.