Friday, 18 December 2009

School's Out

Ok the holidays have started so it must mean Christmas is on it's way, and I have still plenty to do nothing like last minute . com, hey!!!
Most of the shopping is done there are still a few peep's to sort out, and I'm still waiting on a gift to be delivered for my little lady, fingers x it will be here Monday... and that she don't see it before santa delivers... :)

Now I just need to plan for what we are going to do next week untill the big fella come's down the chimney, well we don't have a chimney just a special key and he'll need it this year as our back door is causing a problem for us at the mo it's LOCKED and staying LOCKED ( need to get a locksmith out to fix it) just what ya need NOT!!!!..

Well I hope everyone else is havin fun at this festive time... Ching Ching.....

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  1. HI Chell!! yeah.. I'm with you... me too.. lots yet to do.. and its just around the corner! i hopeyou and yours have a very merry Christmas !! enjoy!