Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Oh What a Day!!!

Well my day started quite early (05.50) with my little man waking me telling me he felt sick only to rush to the bathroom, so he has had the day off school. He has managed to have me running about doing the Florence thing all morning but I think he is feeling a little better now as he is getting a little more active.....

But with all this I have finished a little mini I started yesterday (one more still to make) and have done a CJ entry which is a little behind.... So just another couple of CJ's to do and this other mini, what to start first????

Hope you like it.....


  1. AHHH YES .. GORGEOUS! ;) ta-hee Chell... STUNNING! LOVE YOUR WORK!!

  2. You really are a master of the mini book .... love the printed paper pages.

  3. very pretty, its a big inspiration ty so much for sharing