Tuesday, 1 September 2009

It's Been a While

Sorry it's been a while for blogging, but with the past few day's of the school hol's being pretty nice on the weather front we have been out and about, so not much to report on the scrapping front.. I have also had a birthday so been enjoying that too....

Hopefully will get into some scrapping soon as I have some birthday pennies, there is a new tool I think I NEED but I'm still giving it some thought... will let ya's know when I've made up my mind....

So with this being the last week of the school break I have a little well a lot still to do, school uniform to get washed and named, oh and the need to get new lunch boxes and to check the school shoes still fit.... but today I'm getting together with some friends and we are going to PLAY!!!! well the little peep's are, us mum's are going to do what we do best CHAT!!!

Hope you are all enjoying the weather and having a fun time... and maybe I'll have some scrapping to report later...


  1. Nothing like a good chat with girlfriends ....well maybe a good moan .... or bitch?? lol

  2. Hope you have had a nice day with friends. Thank god we completed the back school madness today as mine are back Thursday.

  3. So jealous of the nice weather! We have had nothing but rain here in Lancashire...and it's back to work on Thursday for me!

  4. Oh, the back to school routine has begun already!